LG UT7300 Review – Try to Catch a Budget TV Winner?

The ut7300 is one of lg latest direct led tvs with snappy webos apps. While LG’s va and ips panels are highly regarded, it’s generally hard to justify buying one until you see the differences in colors and contrast. Behind the screen, it sports the refined Real 4k picture Processor for sharper upscaling and more accurate motion handling.


There are many screen sizes of UT7300, here you can see the 43 inch version, but you can go bigger with the 55 or 75 inch model, which have similar picture performance. It’s great to find that this year lg has really upgraded their webos smart tv interface. It now looks much more spacious.

Encouraging, the up7500 ticks a lot of boxes for a modern tvt: yt, netflix, prime are included, as many other latest smart tv apps, Last but not least, there are some cool new buttons on the remote, so it will be much easier to access some video streaming apps, but the real question here is, how will it perform when the sun comes down.

The LG UT73 isn’t particularly alluring by thin bezel standards, but it’s screen frame feels like it is sturdy built, so you can take it out of the box much more carelessly. Viewed in profile, it’s not as thin as some edge led tvs, but this also means it will have better sound because it has more space for speakers..LG apparently sees no need to abandon direct led design, so tv is fairly thick from the side, but on other side it’s more sturdy and has better direct led colors than stylish edge led tvs. 

The two legs are made from hi tech black polymer and they have a nice texture finish so it looks like it’s made from metal.They hold the TV up well and there is minimum wobble even if you apply some force on the back of tv. apply. though it is still best to put it on the wall if you have some wild animals in the room. The back is otherwise unpretentious, made of textured plastic and it feels robust and durable.

On the left side of the TV you will find a card slot, one usb, and 2 HDMIs, 1 of them can handle arc. In the center of the back are 4 screw holes for vesa wall mount, lan and optical port, so If you are still using analog 3.5mm speakers or headphones you will need to buy an optical to analog converter. Of course like all modern TVs it has wifi, bluetooth and screen mirroring so You can easily  wirelessly connect your phone or tablet. Just in case you can’t find the remote, below the screen is a hidden switch for controlling power, inputs and volume. There is no cable management in the back so you will need some imagination to make them disappear.

The tv comes with a simple yet capable, plastic remote, which has a lot of handy shortcut buttons. I like the quick buttons for settings and inputs on the top. In general it has a nice layout and rubber chunk Buttons follow your movements precisely. Like all remote devices these days It has netflix, disney, prime and many others. I wonder what’s next and how will tv remote look in the future. Anyway it’s nice that lg also included some video control buttons that let you navigate through movies much easier.  Sadly there is no button for voice control, but it is possible to buy a bluetooth remote with a mic, which also has a built in mouse for easier browsing.

This year lg really refreshed the menu and app system, so the initial setup  is much more user friendly and it is easier to navigate. Like all of LG’s pricier TVs, it utilizes the latest LG’s WebOS system, which has a new full screen home dashboard. comprising a few rows of icons for apps and popular content, which is now more similar to the android layout. Although the LG app gallery is still smaller it offers dynamic and adaptable smart tv experience with all essential apps. The only downside is its boring menu transition effects. otherwise Finding the apps is pretty straightforward, and installation from the lg app gallery is a snap. 

The ut7300 series comes packed with ips type screens, but there are also versions with va type, which have the better black level contrast. This screen has impressive colors from all viewing angles, while being worse in other areas such as poor color accuracy and contrast ratio, because there is no wide color gamut or advanced dimming feature, so Blacks look average in a dark room.The important one is its direct led backlight, designed to improve colors by improving light across all parts of the screen. 

Watching HDR content on netflix or from usb drive, The HDR scene doesn’t really stand out in the ultra bright room, because it has peak brightness beyond 380 nits and it is 25% better than the average budget tvs, though more expensive nano and qled tvs have more than 600 nits, it is more than enough for dimly lit room.The best part is the viewing angle, which is better than on Samsung, au8 series, so up75 could be used in a much wider room and you can expect accurate colors from all sides of viewing.  As for motion handling it performs very similarly, so there is no aggressive judder and you can change motion smoothing to control the stutter or soap opera effect. Lgs picture processor does a good job of converting hd video into 4k.

We’ve no qualms with the dvb tuner performance either, and even with non hd channels the picture, while softer and not as defined, still remains clear and without excessive noise. The LG delivers nice overall picture, but in dark room in the direct comparison with samsung, it has average black uniformity so You don’t quite get the same contrast magnificence, off course  this can be improved, if you activate expert picture mode and lg offers its usual pack of picture adjustments, with vivid, standard,eco, and cinema modes in addition to numerous other adjustable presets.

Now, let’s take a closer look at the popular video apps. The youtube handles the HD and 4k video quickly and all settings are easily accessible. If you are going to use paid apps, they have support for hdr and they are responsive as up75 has a new quad core processor. It is well known that lg has a friendly usb player with subtitles and it supports the latest x265 codec.so  you can play almost any movie without a problem and like all modern players it has many advanced settings. lg’s WEb os  has a lot  of GAMES in the app gallery, though they are not having advanced 3d graphics, they are still fun to play , especially if you like retro gaming. 


The other neat feature is game mode, which is built in the game picture profile and you also have advanced gaming settings. When it’s enabled, the hdmi port has below 12 milliseconds of input lag. Which is among the best gaming tvs on the market.

the web browser does its job, it has a polished interface with tabs and advanced privacy settings.  There is also Picture in picture mode so you can watch TV while you browse the web.  The on screen keyboard is responsive, but controlling the cursor with a standard remote can still be a challenge, unless you are a real expert, so it’s best to connect the mouse or get a LG’s bluetooth magic remote which has a wicked mouse under the wheel.

As it turns out the sound quality on this tv thanks to its thick profile is very good. 20-watt built-in speakers have a good midrange sound and bass is also noticeable. I can say this tv has impressive mid-bass power and in comparison with the thinner edge led tvs and it has a better low bass pulse. so if you don’t want to connect any external speakers it really has a big advantage.

The LG UT7300 offers up plenty of smart tv experience and it has the same 4k screen resolution like more expensive nano or qled 4k tvs.

So what are the trade-offs? Well it doesn’t have the thinnest design and black screen uniformity is still average, but the truth is that the difference is not big, and it is mostly visible when you compare it with much more expensive tvs.

Let’s be clear: Most competitors either don’t offer the same picture processing or don’t get as bright. I like the lg’s new web os interface and I believe it will become even faster with the latest firmware updates.

The UT 7300 is one of TV’s which manages to be impressive where it counts. it deserves my recommendation, especially if you don’t care about thinnest bezels and you just want a fast 4k smart tv with good speakers for an affordable price.

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