ACER Swift 3 Review

ACER Swift 3 Review

You know what I like, I like things that are called powerful and you know what I like even more, I like powerful and ultra portable technology. Today We’re gonna take a closer look at stealthy swift 3 with intel i7 processor. experience is gonna be vastly similar between all of them with the same processor name. Maybe it looks like an ultra compact laptop with thin bezels, but this one of the most sophisticated laptops i have ever encountered.  Acer ‘ve tweaked a whole bunch of stuff inside of a sleek yet durable chassis with backlit keyboard.

The Acer Swift 314 57G is the latest to incorporate Intel’s i7 series processor into the mix along with Nvidia’s geforce MX graphic card. And if that isn’t enough, Asus has upgraded its comfy ips displays with wide view angle, which should be very usable for gamers and creators.  so lets finally look Inside the box, Say hello to the little charger, a very carefully packed laptop and some simple manual instructions for sophisticated users.

When it comes to design, it’s very clean and mature looking  like it doesn’t have any kind of cheap looking accents. its features a delicate horizontal metal brushed shell, both on the lid and inside on the keyboard tray. Last year’s swift 3 sported a chunky bezels. That’s now finally gone. so now the whole laptop feels well built and  because it has an aluminum-magnesium chassis it feels even more durable. The hinge is strong and flexible, so it should last much longer than on plastic chassis laptops. at least if some fat alien won’t land on it.

Moving around to the inputs. On it’s left side, the swift has power input, HDMI, USB A and c port. The right side has one lock slot, one usb and audio input. 


ok the keyboard,  its feels very quiet and comfortable. The keys are snappy and have a slightly fuzzy surface, otherwise the keyboard is looking spacious, the typing  experience is on point and it’s got very nice backlighting which looks really clean. the actual deck itself on this machine is quite strong, though it doesn’t have enough space for the number pad on the right. I think most people will still like this keyboard.


the touch pad delivers a satisfying experience The touch surface responded well to finger gestures for controlling is generally easy to use, making it one of the biggest you can get on a 14” class laptops.


I like the full hd screen. it has a 1920 x 1080 resolution, one of the sharpest resolutions you’ll find on a laptop before 8K monsters. it’s is perfectly fine for just like surfing the web, watching videos  and doing stuff. It keeps text and graphics looking razer sharp, giving you above average wide angle viewing angle.


The  14-inch  ips screen supports up to 60 percent of the color gamut. Screen brightness is average according to light meter tests, around 230 nits, which is not enough for comfortable work under direct lighting, but it will be okay in the shade. 

luckly, the viewing angles are much better than on tn screen. so Just slightly tilting the screen quickly does not change the contrast and colors, so this  it’s very usable if you need accurate wide view colors.The integrated webcam is above average and it offer good video quality with high dynamic range.


there are two speakers below the keyboard on the each side, they sound like average small  laptop speakers so watching music videos on the swift was okay, but far from da real hi fi experience, well if u compared it to the average speakers in 14” class laptops. though  I did notice that it has very good stereo effect. but then again The speakers had a tougher time when I listen beat riser. The music from speakers filled room with clear sound, but bass was still little to shy. 


On the Battery Test, which involves continuously surfing the web over Wi-Fi, the battery lasted little more than 6 hours, but it should last Up to 7 hours if you disable some windows apps in the background and lower the screen brightness.

The system performed smoothly. the i7 is  just a little bit more power hungry. than ryzen competitors in this price class.I didn’t notice that there seems to be room for a second ram, so if you need more than 16gb of ram, make sure to go with bigger  version.

so inside you have one fan with exhaust at the back and the sides with a effective  heat pipe system. Thermal design looks solid.  I did notice that there seems that you can replace one drive if you will need more space.

I would say this is a good configuration for most people, though you should know your storage needs, before you choose laptop. 

In performance test, the swift 3 scored more than 350 points on the web benchmark. With some tabs open in Google Chrome (one of which was streaming You Tube video) and Office text in the background. The Core i7 model handled this heavy workload without any sluggishness. Navigation remains super responsive when jumping from one window to another. The laptop’s fan was not audible when I was multitasking.  It’s nice to see good graphics in the laptop. so if you like to use adobe apps or just want to play some games like rally or fortnite, you will achieve good results with it.

The Acer Swift 3 is a stylish aluminium laptop that brilliantly balances modern thin bezel design with speed of the new intel i7 processor. 

Maybe is not the loudest and It does not shine bright in sunlight, but it still has excellent battery, responsive backlit keyboard and powerful graphic card. All that Shows that Acer still knows how to push the envelope without going too far. so if you’re looking for the faster, smaller and sleeker laptop – the Swift 3 is the laptop for you.  it’s quite expensive than I thought, but iI think this is a still great get, just make sure you purchase this thing on sale. 

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