Samsung 55TU8500 Review

We have had all sorts of mid range tvs in the workroom in the last months.the samsung tu8 is super fast it’s physically pleasing it feels great to use and it’s more affordable than last year 8 series. So where is hidden cat with the catch? we know that’s it’s Samsung’s 8 series have 4k tizen smart TV so basically the best affordable hdr tv with netflix from samsung. And some you may know I reviewed a lot of midrange tv’s in last years so, i it is it is easy to see that this one is quite an upgrade in terms of design, but given that samsung has discontinued 6 series in recent years and turned it into a 7 series,TU85 series are more comparable with last year RU74 series in terms of picture quality performance. I performed a hands-on evaluation of the 55-inch 55TU8500, but this review also applies to the other screen sizes in the TU8 series. They have near-identical edge lit screen and so should provide very similar picture quality.

The va edge Led screen can produce very good contrast in dark room, but it isn’t perfect if you want best colors in very wide room. 02 alright so this is gonna be fun today Lets open this up, the shipping materials are really entertaining I like this type of foam this is that super firm so that’s meaning good safe transport. so we’re gonna dump this, here is little bag full of sweets with remote. look at that stand by me, interesting that kind of looks smaller than what I expected it looks like they got a little more minimalistic design. aha here is another part of the stand. lets check out this candy package. it’s got a very nice battery, remote, screws and here we have some very delicious manual instructions as you’d expect. 03 oh look at that

The tu85 has a new look, with a slimmer bezels. less than an inch wide, which is an improvement over last year’s model, and a textured black color looks nice. The apache black stand is made from metal and plastic so its sturdy enough and also has a very good design to hide cables. If we look from the side it looks thin like many modern mid range tvs and you still need to connect media cables on the right side. 04 On a back of TV set you’re gonna find many many inputs,

In addition to two USB and three HDMI connections, you also have a component and composite video, optical audio, ethernet and wi-fi.. so if you want to connect analog Headphones you will need to buy optical to analog adapter, because there is no built in analog headphone input. If you by any chance have wall at home tu85 has strange wall mount design, so if you choose to mount the tv, you will need to buy special wall mount kit. luckly assembling the stand does not take to much time. you’re going to need to install these few screws into the stand and the back of the tv. I like the built in cable management.

In last 2 years The remote did not change a lot. it still looks nice and feels solid. The keys are well built and responsive. Maybe it could have 2 more buttons for multimedia like back and forward or tuner numbers for dvb tuner, but it looks like samsung, thinks that average users doesn’t need these buttons anymore, because they are obsolete, so they replace all with just one button for quick access to on screen keyboard and this is the true smart minimalist future. Lucky you can still buy classic or universal samsung remote with numbers. There is a only one button located in the center of the TV under the Samsung logo. So you can easily control power, channels, volume and inputs. 06 The TU8 uses a Tizen 5.5 smart TV system.

The installation process is very simple and quick. You only need to choose your language, wifi and start automatic search for channels. You can control tv with remote or via smartphone app. The welcome screen gives u speedy entry to the popular and important apps and tv settings. Samsung’s onscreen user interface is easy to navigate and offer customizable row of icons at the bottom of the screen. The apps work fast, you will rarely have the impression that you are waiting too long something to load. The sAMSUNGS Tizen OS features all IMPORTANT apps that you would expect to be on a smart tv including some games. It offer the Netflix, FAST Web browser, YouTube and other important apps like iptv. now it’s no secret that

The collection of apps is still limited in comparison with Android tv, especially if you want better looking 3d games. The 4k picture quality is excellent and the HD channels show up well. when upscaling standard-definition, whether from the tuner or web .A universal program guide remembers your content choices and recommends programs that it predicts you’ll like. now let’s take a closer look at the famous apps if you want to get the best out of the 4k… Netflix and Youtube works great and settings are easily accessible. If you care about room decoration you have a special button on the remote, which will activate ambient mode. This app camouflages black screen and can act like an art frame. it will show everything from photos, music to news. dont like to have tv turn off anymore empty black screen messing up your carefully designed interior.

It is useful and easy to see art, news headlines, or photos, Ambient Mode is an easy way to transform your living room 07 I found a web browser very powerful and it has a very responsive web engine for quick page loading. The onscreen keyboard is intuitive and saves your time with smart letter suggestions. But if you want more precision You can still connect the wireless mouse and keyboard. Believe it or not, in the last year 7 and 8 series had one gentle flaw and that is lack of xvid support for movies on the usb drive. so i hoped they will change that this year, but nope, it’s still the same, but at least newer movie format x264 still works. otherwise The built in player is one of the fastest and offer good support for subtitles and has a lot of customization options.

the tu85 uses a edge led backlight with an semi gloss VA panel, so you can expect good contrast and an excellent black uniformity in the dark room, but in comparison with ips screens it has limited viewing angle in the bright room. Out of the box color accuracy has been improved in comparison with last year ru series. you have many options to calibrate the screen. I really like the motion on Samsung tvs and you can select these various motion option, which will reduce motion blur. but if you want the quick solution for the best picture, then you only need to select natural picture profile. if you select movie mode you can see that the picture has darkened slightly and this is the best quick profile for the dimly lit room. The motion image processing looks smooth, because it has a very good processor that gives up to 240hz refresh rate and has great game mode with lower input lag below 20 ms, which is excellent if you plan to connect pc or playstation to the tv. I appreciate that The TU85 black contrast is strong and has pretty good color accuracy. The HDR10 reproduction in the bright room is ok, but its screen brightness is sadly little lower, especially compared to the last year ru series, it is below 350 nits, nevertheless hdr effect in the dimly lit room looks stunning.

tu85 has standard speakers on each side below the display, you’re looking at 10 watts each to give you a louder sound then you’d expect to get out of typical built-in tv speakers. I would say audio quality is very good but not amazing. Its mid, and high tones are clear of deviations. the bass is fine and much better than on 7 series, but l could be still noticeably improved with any soundbar with subwoofer.

THe Samsung tu85 is a fast 4k TV, offering acceptable value for its price tag. Now one of the first you’re gonna notice is this has a very good contrast and has great black levels in the dark room. The new thinner bezels are freaking nice, it does contribute kontribjut to the coolness element. offcourse as I mentioned before it could have more usb movie formats, apps or games, but if you want fast and responsive tv with low input lag, netflix and youtube it is still better than many android tvs. and you can still connect playstation or phone for better results. it is easy to see samsung tu8500 as one of the best to prove its quality if you need simple and fast 4k smart tv. so thanks for watching guys I will be spending probably the next couple of weeks testing this tv, so if you have any questions feel free to leave a comment below. if you’re interested in learning more about this tv check out techwatcher tu85 tizen video.

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