2024 Samsung Q63 QLED Review – Great Screen with a hidden trick

Samsung Q63C is the latest and cheapest qled tv for 2023. Nevertheless it still promises some of the highest hdr brightness in its price class, a sharp and colorful 4k quantum dot screen and it has  a lot of features I had been hoping for – faster Tizens smart tv apps and better overall design. There are even some exciting extras such as a brighter quantum dot led screen, which aims to deliver better colors and contrast. I performed a hands-on evaluation of the 50-inch Q6, but this review also applies to the other screen sizes in the series, because they have the same edge-lit va panels and picture processor.  It looks like a winning combination, can it still beat the competition?

What we can find inside the qled Samsung tv box these days. As usually first you will see parts of the exclusive new stand and then we need to get through a wall of styrofoam protection and then suddenly will appear standard samsung package with manual guide, power cable batteries with remote,  if you choose to mount the thing on the wall you’re going to need to install these few impressive screws. New Remote control kind of looks smaller, thanks to the new button color design.

The Q60c has a much more stylish stand than basic bu8000. It has more gentle curves and back design and it still allows you to adjust the height of the stand if you need more space for a soundbar.

The stand is made from metal and plastic so it’s sturdy enough and on the back it has an impressive cable management design so you have many ways to hide cables. From the side it looks a lot thinner  than most direct led tvs these days. Textured black color back looks nice and the 3 sided bezel less design has bezels that are less than an inch wide. 

From the side it looks like you can connect cables only on the right side. In addition to two USB and three HDMI connections, you also have a component, optical, ethernet and It supports wifi and bluetooth 5, but if you want to connect analog Headphones you will need to buy an optical to analog adapter, because there is no classic 3,5mm headphone input.

The antenna port is close to the back so you need to be careful here, if you have some fat connectors. If you like to mount things on the wall it’s good to know that samsung Q60C series have a wall mount design, so you’re going to need slightly bigger screws. ranging from m4 to m8 for the biggest 85 inch screen version.

Like you can see Samsung has a tiny stylish remote with solar and usb c charging, so there is almost no more need  to change batteries. The slim curved design looks nice and feels solid. The keys are well built and responsive. It has easy access for voice search and shortcuts for streaming services. Maybe it could have a button for the user ‘s favorite apps or at least the possibility to remap existing ones.

What’s the point of the button, if you don’t want to use a specific streaming service anymore?  The buttons with numbers could be still useful tv tuner channels or for user favorite apps. I think some advanced users would appreciate that. In the meantime you can still buy a classic ir Samsung remote with numbers if you don’t like micro remotes. If you can’t find your remote, you can still control it via smartphone and  there is one button located in the center of the TV under the Samsung logo. So you can easily control power, channels, volume and inputs.

Q60c uses an updated 2023 generation of  the Tizen smart tv system.  The installation process is easy and intuitive. You start with language, continue to wifi settings while automatic search for channels is already in the background. It is also possible to set up tv with a smartphone, but I prefer to use a remote, of course you can also control tv with your smartphone via samsung app if you decide that later. 

The welcome screen gives u fast entry to the popular and highlighted apps with shortcuts to the settings in the corner. Samsung’s on screen user interface is simple to navigate and offers a customizable row of icons at the bottom of the screen. Jumping between menus and apps is snappy. Even if we open some random apps, you will rarely see long loading situations…

The SAMSUNG TVs have all the awesome apps that you would expect to be on a smart TV including some games. It offers all the biggest names in the world of streaming like netflix, youtube and many other apps. Samsung App gallery is much more easy to use In comparison with Android TVs, of course it still doesn’t offer the same number of games or browser apps, but recent study shows that less and less people care about built in games on the tv, thanks to the playstation and other gaming devices.

I don’t think I can remember the last time youtube opened so quickly. well it also depends on wifi latency. The new updated launcher is well optimized and it works okay, while search could be still more inspiring especially if you want to use voice search.

If you still like to use usb, I can say Samsung has one of the fastest usb players, It offers support for subtitles and has advanced settings. The downside is that you will need to be careful what you choose to download, because there is no support for old movie formats anymore. I find it works the best with x264 and x265 movies in the title.

The 2023 Q60 series comes packed with VA screens and most of Samsung’s advanced 4k tech extras.It uses a edge led backlight with a semi gloss panel, so you can expect excellent contrast with good black uniformity in the dark room, in comparison with ips type screen it doesn’t have the best viewing angle, while color accuracy is excellent and you have many advanced options to calibrate the screen.

 If you want the very bright colors, then you only need to select a vivid picture profile.  if you select movie mode you can see that the picture has darkened slightly and colors are also much more subtle, this is a great profile for movie night. If you slightly pump up the colors and brightness you will have a perfect picture profile for everyday use. Below is tv comparison with lg nano763.

The motion processing in most scenes looks smooth, thanks to the upgraded Quantum processor that now gives much more impressive motion, so its in some scenes even look better than on some older native 100hz tvs. If you are worried about hdmi refresh rate, samsung does a great job here with its game mode, so you can expect  input lag below 11 ms in 4k, which is excellent if you plan to connect gaming devices. Of course it would be even better if Samsung had more settings for gamers or even 2.1 labels on hdmi ports. 

Out of the box color accuracy has changed a lot in in last years, now it has wide color gamut with more 95% color accuracy

I appreciate  that The q60 black contrast is strong and has good color accuracy for watching hd tv channels. when upscaling standard-definition, whether from the tuner or web results in a good detailed picture. The Noise reduction was equally efficient  and The picture is also sharp and generally free of noise when upscaling 1080p sources.


The HDR reproduction in the bright room is much better than on average led tvs, because qled  screen brightness can go up to 500 nits vs average led tvs can provide from 300 to 400 nits in average. so the hdr effect in the dimly lit room looks stunning and if this is your first qled  tv u will be really amazed in some scenes.

Q67B comes with two 10 watts speakers on each side below the display and these speakers handle well high volume as long you prefer watching tv shows, so vocals are excellent and midrange is also good, when it comes to lower frequencies, the bass is noticeable in most situation, yet it is around 30% less powerful than on LG tvs, its what you’d expect to get out of average built-in tv speakers. So if you like big explosions or music with a deep bass, its good idea to connect the soundbar. In general audio quality is okay and has a very good surround effect.

Like in previous years, Samsung continues the tradition and improves user experience with the Q60c series. I like the thin design. it has a well balanced  contrast and  black levels in the dark room The colors look convincing  Of course you can not expect that it will have everything….

In comparison with android tvs it could still have apps for web or movie players or remote could be still bigger, but it still has a excellent gaming mode and fast screen, though its not the brightest in its class so similarly priced Hisense TVs might still have an edge against Samsung at this price point. What makes the Q63c special is its ability to show black levels and colors much more convincingly than many best budget TVs. so if you want fast and stylish smart 4k tv and u dont care about oled tvs,  its one of the better affordable tvs.



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