Philips HTL1520 review

Now you can probably tell by the title of this video I at last completed the review of The Philips HTL1520 and i can say that it stands as a funky soundbar with a subwoofer and a fair alternative to the variety of affordable soundbars. It has the latest 2.1 full range Stereo technology and it promises extra low bass from a wireless subwoofer to upgrade the sound in your room. That’s cool to have, cool to play around and disturb neighbors. The HTL1520 does have two compact 52mm Speakers in the soundbar and one solid 118mm subwoofer capable of handling up to 70 “Philips” Watts. which is comparable to some chintzy CHEAP soundbars with up to 150W.

So Let’s open this up and see what’s Inside this Prussian blue box. LOOK AT THAT remote control, SOME CABLES, the power adapter, sadly there is no optical cable, but at least Quick start guide is sitting up fat. the sound bar exterior smooth dark plastic feels to be built well here with minimal amounts of flexing of the grill. the black finish on the top of wooden subwoofer look pleasing in their own right and harmonize together splendid. Behind the soundbar you’ll find connections for power HDMI, audio in and optical.


Here is the dinky remote control with a simple button layout. It lies reasonably in the hand and the volume and play buttons are all easy to reach. It’s nice, There are buttons that provide quick access to the most settings, including sound profiles, WHICH ARE VERY USEFUL There are also quick buttons for power and volume on the right side of the soundbar. The first time attempting to set up HTL1520 was quite enjoyable. I used the good old optical cable, but It can also be quickly paired with Bluetooth or analog audio cable. hm Its looks like there are different colors for every input… What a sophisticated solution.

The sound is good and can go quite loud if set up through the TV to audio system. It’s immediately apparent as you start to use the soundbar that The subwoofer is quite important and can help to fill a room a lot easier. I found the HTL1520 to sound fulfilled: vocals are authentic and lifelike; instruments with complicated high frequencies are reproduced precisely and The low bass sounds were delivered with warmth and depth.

Some hard core Hi-Fi professionals maybe would appreciate a little more advanced stereo and support for dolby. The best part is how this small subwoofer can produce such a loud sound. now the 70w bass from my opinion is done good with some eq tuning, but right out of the box it does sound slightly shy and it just doesn’t stand out as much LIEKE on the bigger 300w sound bars, but than again its a louder than 100w soundbars without subwoofers.

And there you have it folks. The Philips HTL1520 produces fairly impressive sound and it is able to deliver a better bass experience than many so called 100watts soundbars. The HTL1520s advantage is DEFINITELY compact WIRELESS subwoofer and a lot of connection options. of course it isn’t perfect it does not support dolby EFFECTS, but overall HTL1520 is a smart choice if you need quick affordable and effective sound upgrade in your room, otherwise you’re better off saving a bit and going for the 300 watts soundbars.

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