Hisense U7Q Review

Hisense u7q combines leading 4k edge led picture processing with innovative high-end frame design. If you haven’t heard of Hisense before, you should have. After all, their TVs are supposedly the most popular in China. so it’s safe to say that Hisense tvs come with all the bells and whistles, including 4K, HDR, Dolby vision and Smart tv apps.It has its limits, especially when it comes to brightness, but its sharpness, wide gamut color and ability to locally dim screen were well above budget 4k tvs  – and some cases can even beat much more expensive TVs. But the interesting question is how much value do you actually get for your money?

It offers very sleek and smart TV experience in the mid range tv world. You can choose from 50” to  65” screen sizes according to the area of your room. Today we’re gonna take a closer look at the 55” version, which has more brightness than many tvs in this price class. Although u7 sits just below hisenses flagship 4K tv lineup, it still comes with the Hisense’s advanced picture processor and extra bright edge uled va screen that makes it has above average hdr picture quality and performance in bright and dimly lit rooms.

As you might guess from the details from the box. The u7 is stylish, it’s almost like designers wanted it to be more stylish than a smartphone so it will fit on the wall and in the pocketA very thin bezel runs around this telly that looks neat and  is going to take over any room they happen to appear in. IT sits on a pleasingly metallic, centrally mounted stand so you don’t need a very wide surface to mount it on.

The rear is a textured black plastic,, nothing special, but from the side  it’s a bit thicker than edge-lit tvs, because it’s a full array direct LED TV – meaning it will have better uniform colors.. 

All of the u7 ‘s inputs and outputs are grouped together  on the right side There are 2 usb and 4 hdmi inputs, including: component, which many tvs do not have anymore . The connections are well placed, so you can mount it on the wall without any problems. there is one power button in the front of the TV below hisense logo – so you can quickly change inputs, programs, volume and power.

u7 has a long smooth remote control, with a compact button layout. It is almost as it was designed for the ladies in mind. It lies reasonably well in the hand and the important keys are all easy to reach. In comparison with other remotes, some buttons could be better positioned, if it had just a little more wider design. If you want more advanced control, you can also control your TV via your smartphone. There are a few buttons that provide shortcuts to the most common functions, including changing inputs, accessing the apps and opening the home menu. and What makes this remote so special? It is one of few that have a quick button for youtube.

Finding settings and menu options is easy. The Hisenses Vidaa system uses the similar platform as the best Android Hisense TVs, with a well-designed overlay to access and organize streaming apps and the like. it is similar to Tizen or webOS in that it displays an overlay of horizontally-arranged app icons when you hit the home button. it is powered by a quad-core processor. The Home screen has a nice layout and you can customize the icons based on your needs. the on-screen keyboard is responsive. but compared to others it could be a little faster with word predictions and taking less screen space. Of course, onscreen keyboards are just one part of a good smart platform. The other part is having an effective voice search, which also works with your smartphone connected to the tv.

The set has super powers that are related to the advanced uled screen with extra brightness, the screen is semi-glossy and it can only partially blur out the light on its surface so you will have to increase the brightness or dim the room. IT is surprisingly bright, making it a good choice for well-lit living rooms. we can say that it has a lot better than average picture quality with high contrast ratio and black screen uniformity, so true dark room viewing is very good.

But va panel has still some limitations when you look at it from the side. you’re getting most of the HDR formats desirable these days: HDR10+ Dolby Atmos and Vision being among them and it offers more precise metadata to enhance the HDR output when it’s supported.

As with all hisense TVs there are a number of picture profiles to choose from, with the standard, vivid and cinema calibrated presets delivering natural colours and accurate whites, while turning off any unnecessary processing.

HDR Picture Performance is very good, because it has 30% more  brightness than average 350 nits hdr tvs, so we are talking about 600 nits, uled screen can achieve almost perfect colors with only 8bit FRC color banding. Since it has a local dimming screen it can still reveal details of dark scenes of HDR videos very effectively.

So in this situation the highlight of hdr image looks more brights. Speaking of colors, Netflix works fine and it is a great quick way to see hdr and dolby vision in its full shine.

The hisense 4k upscaler has its strengths but also some limits, but it still gets the job done, so hd video looks good,and free of distasteful video noise even with a small viewing distance. The program guide is quick and responsive.

YouTube’s app continues to be one of the easiest to use.  You can use voice search to control it with remote or from your phone. Scrolling through videos and channels is smooth and precise. it  gives you; a new improved youtube recommendation system...

In terms of apps, you’ll get access to the likes of web browser, youtube, netflix and many other video apps, though some apps like disney are still missing, but they will be probably available with future updates.

so The app gallery is basic and a lot smaller than on the Android TV,  but otherwise nothing important is missing. app installation from Vidaa app gallery  is simple and effective.  During the test we did not see any noticeable slowdowns  and going through the menus was smooth enough. 

Web browser occupies an important spot in smart tv, being the essential app of any smart tv – and therefore, effectively, offer all basic functions like, bookmarks, history and zoom, 

It’s similar in appearance to the many tv browsers and It is good enough for casual browsing, but it’s keyboard response time isn’t among the fastest. so i recommend you to connect a wireless keyboard or you can also connect the phone and have much easier control.  

Playing games on this tv shows the U7 at its best, hisense has improved a lot support for gaming in recent years so it has very good response time in terms of input lag, which is around 20ms.  It even has some built in games like you would  find on Samsung or lgs game gallery.

When it comes to sound, you’re getting 2 speakers with  a standard average 20W output i can say that you will like the sound of news or ambient music on this tv. Mid and High tones are clear  so speech is easy to understand, but there is no a booming bass response. so low bass sounds are not very impressive, especially if you compare it with similarly priced samsung tu85, but there is no need to worry you can easily upgrade sound if you connect the soundbar. 

12 Hisense u7q has powerful colors and deep contrast, As long as you use it in a bright room, overall, build quality is solid and it  looks fairly good for its price range.  The set offers good smart tv performance and many similarly priced competitors don’t have such a bright screen and frame design. The built in speakers could be better and voice control could still work faster without necessary extra setups , but overall u7 is one of the best 4k smart TVs in its price class.

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