Amazfit Bip smartwatch review

This is Amazfit Bip Smartwatch, it is one of the lightest gorilla glass touch smartwatch and can last up to 45 days without charger. For those of you who don’t know The Amazfit is also provider of wearable technology for Xiaomi. The key highlight about the Amazfit Bip is its waterproof, can track your fitness activities with built in gps, optical heart rate monitor and it can show call and message notifications. So can we trust their line: More Power On-the-go and Check Messages Without Taking out Your Phone.

The white box is very small and quite simple so you my wondering if is only Polycarbonate watch inside. I don’t see much space for anything else, but yes there is it has a mini hidden box below the watch! look at this, it’s a charging pad, cable and small hidden cheat sheet for beginners. The sleek smartwatch comes with a very enjoyable flexible silicone rubber wristbands, which can be easily adjusted. The strap connects via a standard 20mm watch pin and there are plenty of alternative strap options.

The Bip is a comfortable fit on your wrist, it’s very light, which makes it easy to wear for sport activities. and because it has such a gentle soft design you can monitor your sleep without any worries. Flip the watch over and you’ll find the heart rate monitor, which can track your daily movement activity. it looks like a There’s only one hardware button on the right-hand side and you have 4 gesture touch buttons on the touchscreen. so What about protection? yes U can wear it while you showering, because It’s waterproof, but if by any chance you fall in the pool, watch will still work, at least if you don go any deeper than 1,5 m. it also has dust protection, if you like to leave stuff on the shelf.

The bip works the best with Mi Fi App t has a short learning curve and you can connect your android or apple smartphone in a few short steps. First you will need to install the app. Create an account and then the app will prompt you to connect to the watch. Make sure Bluetooth is turned on, the app will then complete the setup. The look on the first watch face is a little sleepy, but we will tweak that later. To turn on the screen just press the side button. I found the touchscreen and buttons worked fine, but touchscreen is above average. On screen Slide shortcuts are working fine – Swipe down to activate silent mode. if you want to see messages Swipe up and if you want to see the weather Swipe right.

The display on the Bip is bright enough so you can see numbers very good even in the direct sunlight, but it doesn’t have perfect black at night in comparison with more expensive oled smartwatches which have perfect black screen. Nevertheless Screen is still good enough in this price class. The Watch shows steps, heart rate, distance and calories burned without problems. you have more categories for different movement On the Activity screen. A long press of the side button from any screen, will start or finish the job. After you finish you can see previous activities in the History. On the Alarms menu, you can only turn them on and off. of course you have all settings built in the app on the phone The app also gives you about some different watch faces, but it’s possible to download more watch faces.

Like many other smartwatches! It’s not flawless – i am disappointed with the lack of speaker, but you will still get call, messages or alarm notification with strong vibration pols. So thats meaning you can’t reply the messages on the watch. but you can easily ignore or silent the call from your boss. and it’s very nice that you have full control over what app will have notification on the watch. The optical heart rate sensor is average, so make sure watch strap is tight, otherwise the results will not be particularly accurate. The activity tracker is one of the top features, It’ll track your pulse, speed / distance for many hours and only have lost very little of the battery. It will last around three weeks under normal use, but you’ll get closer to 45 days if you turn off automatic control and select minimal watch face and lower the screen brightness. It’s very easy to recommend this watch as a good buy, if you need light, waterproof, affordable smartwatch with good battery.

The Amazfit Bip is nice smart watch, if you don’t need a big screen or built in voice assistant and you just want good support for notifications from all apps. Its availability in many colors will definitely help it appeal to more people. Of course, it can’t please everyone, so If you want built in speaker and mic, then you can try other smartwatches, but of course they will be more expensive.

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