JBL TUNE 225 Review

This is my review of the black edition of the JBL Tune 225tws. Ok, from here on out I’m going to be referring to these headphones as the Tune 225’s. It’s important to mention that They are advanced Bluetooth headphones, with modern earbud silhouette and they come in almost any color well.. if we are precise in six wonderful shades. Everybody knows that JBL is a pretty powerful name and their design is backed up by Harman, which is one of the biggest regarding sound equipment. Their Technology is getting better every year and with that you can finally get things for a much smaller price tag than usual. so let’s go ahead and unbox it.

First lets go over what comes in the box cause I was wondering if these headphones did come included with a fancy box inside the box. So Here they are. Little and big at the same time. earbuds are quite lightweight coming in at just little less than 60 grams and they do come included with something more if you count stylish manual instructions and a tiny micro USB cable for charging, it measures only little less than 2 phones together. The case looks simple from afar, but if you get closer you’ll see JBL has made a quality product . let’s take a look at the build quality. The construction is primarily plastic, but it feels solid and well finished. There’s black polished and fake metal on the ear cups and ear pads are wrapped in sophisticated plastics.

The tune 225s rely entirely on their one-size-fits-all to keep themselves sat firmly in your ears. nevertheless When it comes to the Tune’s fit comfortable, and keep in mind I have enormous ears… The installation process is very easy i can be done in less than 60 seconds, if you like to drive quickly. You only need to press right and then left button for 2 seconds and of course turn on Bluetooth search on your phone. The 2 physical buttons on earbuds are with raised edges so you can press them without looking.


There’s a button on each side so you can receive calls, play, skip and pause a track or just yell at your lazy assistant. When it comes to call quality, sadly there is no advanced noise cancellation, but mic still works very good in almost any situation except maybe if you are in the tank. Just like all modern headphones they are using Bluetooth 5 and they have a range of about 40 feet or 12 meters with direct line of sight.

The Tune 225’s are an immensely entertaining listen, thanks to a rhythmic bass precision. However, in comparison with Sony sbh70. They do not share the same clarity and wide soundstage. now I have a couple different tracks I listen. if this sounds good, then they will crunch everything you throw on them. now we’re gonna put the volume up It has great bass but it lacks the clarity of high quality treble. Sometimes it becomes to loud with high frequencies, but this can be fixed if you use bass boost..

it’s a very clear audio and you can feel it because they have a lot of good vibrations. Bass and mid and high tones are perfectly balanced. These headphones can only be connected to one source at a time and have average battery life of more than 4 hours, but with the volume set at 50% it can last much longer around 4 hours and you can always charge them on the move when they are stored in the power case, so you can easily get extraordinary 20 hours or more from it. usually they will be charged in the less than half hour. The Case battery life is also impressive, but 2 hour charging time isn’t.

For the conclusion i can say that JBL tune 225tws sounds really well with no distortion, there is no delay so the bass quality wise the JBL do have clear audio the headphone are easy to connect. The only downside is for some will be lack of noise cancellation and need to charge them every 4 hours. other than that They get the job done and so t’s very easy to recommend jbls 225s headphones as one of the best affordable Bluetooth earbuds on the market. So I hope you like this video, Are these headphones that you would buy for phone or maybe tv? I’d love to know your thoughts in the comments below.

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