LG SP2 Soundbar Review – Exciting sound with a stylish design

If all you want from reasonably good sound in the room, lg has plenty of expertise where tvs are concerned, but they also have sic soundbars.  LG sp2 (dsp2) combines its compact all in one design with a Dolby digital performance for an affordable price. While, the LG has designed this soundbar to be the first step from built in 20 watts speakers in tvs, but its 100 watts may suprise you, even if you don’t expect deep bass.

LG wants the SP2 to be as easy to set up and stylish as possible – and at a trim compact design with dimension.  it’s certainly going to fit almost anywhere. The front and toop-facing array is covered in a mesh, while sides have wood panels. On the right  are buttons, for power, usb, optical volume and Bluetooth. If we look behind we can see that connectivity options are pretty basic so we have to just HDMI output with eARC and usb. There’s also an optical and 3,5mm audio input if you want to connect old analog devices.

The sp2 is has ‎29.9 x 3.5 x 2.5 inches, a quite slim with a low form-factor, so it will keep it clear of most TVs. If you decide to use the keyhole wall-mounts to hang it isn’t the smallest  all in one soundbar you’ll find, but  there is a good reason for this. Its features a built in subwoofer with a pair of passive radiators and in the front we have two midrange drivers.

It also stands out from the crowd in terms of design, because the cabinet looks like it is made from premium materials,  it’s an interesting attempt to combine modern design with some retro elements. so if you place it on the dark wood shell it will match perfectly. so it has a well built quality exterior; it feels like it was constructed of strong materials. Although the device looks solid, the plastic cover emits a hollow sound when it’s tapped.

lg has a habit of using a simple and compact remote design for its soundbars, it has a well-designed remote with big volume rocker and different buttons for subwoofer control. You also have 4 buttons for various sound presets alongside processing modes.  In general It’s logically designed and has all the necessary buttons  like bluetooth and source sensibly laid out, making it as intuitive as possible.

The LG uses a 2.1-channel speaker configuration, with a claimed power of 100W. There are two 35 watts forward-firing speakers and one 3o watts subwoofer in the top center. There’s no on-screen menu. Instead the soundbar has LED lights, which shows volume and sources, as well chosen inputs.  The key to the sp2 ’s impressive performance is lg’s AI Sound Pro . Working with Dolby digital , it creates a convincing wide sound, so you almost have the feeling that there are more than 3 speakers around you

The onboard decoding for both Dolby Digital is very useful, but in the vast majority of cases TVs just downmix all audio to two-channel stereo output and there are no advanced surround options here. Users can choose whether to activate the advanced eq profiles on the remote to generate a more impressive bass or explosions  with the selectable options of ‘Standard’, ‘Cinema’ and ‘Game’.

The biggest surprise is the internal subwoofer. It may be small, but it can still deliver some rumble for its size. When it comes to vocals quality the sp2 is more than up to the task of delivering high tones. In general it creates a convincing sound with a clear sense of expanded height and width. But this bar isn’t perfect, when you pass 90% volume level, it will start showing its weakness in the bottom of the frequency range.

LG SP2 sounds better than the average soundbars thanks to its built-in subwoofer; it can produce compelling audio at soft to medium-loud volumes;  While it’s certainly a decent enough performer for everyday tv and music use, we didn’t find the sp2 to have any surround effect.  However the overall sound is still convincing thanks to the support for dolby digital. The sp2’s superiority is in compact design and its sub’s deep bass was more potent than expected. 

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  1. I’ve just purchased one of these. I know it is cheap I was expecting more bass. Maybe my expectations from 2.1 systems are too high, so if you want real upgrade and have enough space for external subwoofer go with 2.1 soundbar instead

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