TCL TS6100 soundbar review – Watts where it counts

TCL is a known brand for tvs, but they also have cool audio products and the TCL 6100 is one of their all in one soundbars with a good audio performance. At less than $100, this soundbar delivers plenty of features and has overall impressive sound for the price. It has plenty of power to give you the nice upgrade for movies or music videos. Besides packing in HDMI, Bluetooth, several other inputs, it could be a winner for many rooms. So we will test it, to see if we can even succeed in annoying the neighbors.

The exterior is enclosed in black mesh, giving the speakers a touch of elegance. This time around, we have the more refined design. The soundbar itself is a decent size and  on the sides the bar remains fairly slim, It measures 80x11x6 cm (31.5×2.4×4.2i inch) and weighs 2,7 kg (6 lbs) and just in case if you don’t have any furniture,  there is also mount kit in the box,  so you can easily mount it on a wall. On the top of the device you get the buttons for input selection, volume and power. Overall, the ts6100 design is easy to live with and more than generous.

Despite not having an external subwoofer, the ts6100 itself still has enough power to fill a big room, thanks to two powerful 1 inch speakers, which can achieve an impressive 120w in this class. Next, Connectivity is relatively plentiful, If look below the bar, we can see that it has all important inputs, from analog and optical audio to the hdmi and usb. the easiest way to connect the soundbar to the TV is via the optical cable, but you can also use hdmi or bluetooth.

When u press the power button, u quickly release that, There’s no on-screen text menu. Instead the device indicates status via a colorful led lights, so you have different color for each source and sound profile. It is very nice that it has an accurate 4 level volume indicator, so u always know how loud it is set.

The bar is driven by a mini remote control, which despite its dimensions has more buttons than some more expensive soundbars on the market. So you can easily switch inputs between TV and Bluetooth thanks to the input button on top of the soundbar, there are also standard buttons to change volume levels and there’s also an 3 eq button with different sound profiles, so u have optimal bass for tv/news, music or movies. What sets this remote apart from other more expensive sundbars is that it has no separate bass and treble buttons for fine tuning. So, how well does the ts61 work? It’s time for sound test.

When powered up The ts6100 produces impressive treble and a good stereo sound field. Even without a subwoofer, it generates distinctive bass to make some music clips and action scenes much more convincing, though low frequencies are still somehow limited in some extreme bass tests. Speaking of frequencies, you can easily improve sound quality with different sound profiles based on whatever you watching movies or listening music. The available sound profiles are tv – best for news, music and movies, which has the deepest bass effect. 

The ts6100 is rocking Dolby digital, So if you’re hoping to get some basic surround effect. it will be more one directional stereo. Bluetooh works fine, though it supports up to 4.1 bluetooth standard.


As I mentioned, in terms of mid sounds occupies a sweet spot. The speakers were able to throw voices across the room, though did seem to have a muffling effect on some midrange effects. This soundbar could rival almost any affordable all in one soundbar system.And if you also were considering a version with a subwoofer the TS6110 should be better, but difference in high and mid tones is not noticeable better. So if you’re hoping to get a better surround and better bass than built-in tv speakers, tcl ts6100 can still drastically improve sound quality in some movies and music. 

Given that similar all in one sound bars typically sell for much higher price, TCL justifies an easy recommendation if you need a basic sound upgrade. It is an effective, fairly slim all in one soundbar with a 120W output – though it’s unlikely it can compete with 300w soundbars with external subwoofers. It is much easier to set up and takes less space. In terms of sound quality its Mids and highs were handled nicely.  While you won’t get the best quality bass or surround effect. it still has a dolby digital effect., for the price, the tcl will satisfy most people’s needs, if they need a simple sound upgrade.

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  1. Hello, I bought this product because of you and I am very satisfied. I was torn between TCL TS6100, Grundig 910S, LG SP2. I chose TCL TS6100. This soundbar seems close to each other in price. Do you have the opportunity to test it at the same time?

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