LG 8000 Review

The un8 series features a 4k lcd panel with HDR and web os smart tv system with voice control. In this review we will take a closer look at the 55 inch version 55un8000 but it’s also available in smaller 43” to 50 and bigger 60 to to 75” screen sizes. 

what sets the un8000 apart from any other tv is the sheer audacity of its screen and remote control design. Thanks to lgs advanced ips screen technology, it produces surprisingly bright colours, so you almost feel like you are really lost on the beach. lg has also managed to improve color accuracy in comparison with last year’s um series, most aspects of picture quality are very similar between all screen sizes, except 50” screen size, which has smaller viewing angles than others, but on the other hand it offers the better black levels if you like to watch scary movie in dimly lit room.

Build quality is enjoyable and it feels stronger than it looks, otherwise the minimalist, clean lines look lovely thanks to its shiny metallic finish and Outstandingly v shaped legs sit nicely under the screen. They give the set a fairly wide footprint. I appreciate the clean look but, as expected at this level, there is not much new here except thinner edge bezels in comparison with um series. The frame of the un8000 is thin, but like all direct led tvs looks thicker from the side especially in comparison with edge led tvs, but nevertheless, it offers better colors, than thinner edge led tvs. 

 Spin the TV around to the back, A look from the left side and back reveals inputs and you can see that there are 2 usb and 4 hdmi ports,component ethernet, and of course it also has Wireless and Bluetooth support so you can easily connect bluetooth speakers or headphones. so If you are still using ancient 3.5mm or rca cables,  get an optical to analog adapter. Like all tvs, it supports wall Mount. But I think it’s much easier to connect old component things to it while it is on the stand. unless you like challenges on the everest mountain.


for all those remotes who will be lost on the field it’s worth pointing out that you can turn this tv even without a remote. There is one lovely button located below the TV under the lg logo. It works as a multi button and allows you  to change the inputs,volume channels, and power.

Like all lgs premium tvs the un8000 comes with a magic remote, which has a lot of features from number, quick shortcut buttons to scroll wheel. It can also be controlled by voice.  I like the ergonomic design of the remote, maybe it could have more video control buttons, but in general it still offers much better experience than some micro remotes, thanks to its built in mouse functions. Buttons follow your movements precisely, allowing quicker and easier selection of menu items. The remote also has very good navigation center buttons and shortcuts for settings.

LG has made the initial setup process as quick and simple as possible. There are no boring email registration forms,Though I wonder why we need to enter special area code?  LG TVs use WEB OS as their primary smart tv platform, which offers dynamic and adaptable smart tv experience… In terms of speed, it’s lighter and faster than Android TV and it is still equipped with all essential apps like WebBrowser, Youtube or Netflix. so that means you will never have a problem finding an specific option in the settings or to organize and install a new app. The Web Os is based on linux, but honestly lg has been making a lot of improvements over the years that have brought it closer to the fastest  smart platforms. 


As you’d expect. The un8000 series comes packed with IPS and VA screens. Unlike the 43” version, the 50”uses an VA screen, which has better contrast, but when you watch it from the side colors are less accurate.  55inch and bigger have Ips screen, which has excellent colors from all viewing angles, but contrast looks average in a dark room, nevertheless in some scenes is actually better than last year um series, because lg has reduced the spots of lighter areas on dark backgrounds, so there is less light leak on the edges of the screen, 

LG’s motion processing options equate to high clarity that persists even when what you’re watching contains a lot of fast movement within the frame.In terms of hdr performance,high dynamic range on the un8000 is fine.  it has more brightness than many other tvs in this price class, because it has peak brightness at 400nits, while some tvs cant go beyond 300nits. it works very nicely in a dimly lit room. The best part is the color viewing angle, which is much better than on Samsung and Hisense, so un8000 could be used in the much wider room and you can expect the best colors without degradation from all sides of viewing. it  delivers nice overall picture quality and offers its usual pack of picture adjustments. With just one press on the settings button you can get quickly in the picture menu, where you have many picture presets, without tweaking, the cinema preset is almost perfect. 


If you want something a little less brighter or colorful, you can use the expert picture mode to get that realistic look. It’s basically the factory calibrated preset with the accurate and realistic colors and contrast. 55un8000 has the best picture quality in a bright environment, because it has the brighter rgb screen, but in a completely darkened room it just cant compete with samsung’s va screen, because it has lower contrast, you can minimize the difference, if you activate expert picture mode. so The main benefit of having a lg’s ips screen is that you have a wider, brighter and more colorful picture.

The Youtube app is up there with the very best when it comes to handling videos and it has been updated with the latest suggestion system. I can say it’s fast and responsive and it works great with voice search.If you have a big collection of movies on the usb, lg has one of best tv usb players out of the box and supports all important video formats, so  you can play almost any movie without a problem and like all good usb players it supports custom settings for the subtitles.

Tv tuner  and netflix work fast and without lagging. The 4k picture quality is very nice and sometimes beyond expectations so it’s even no longer worth waiting out 4K movies. HD video show up well. when upscaling, whether from the tuner or netflix stream results in a good detailed picture, The Noise reduction was equally efficient  and The picture is also sharp and generally free of noise when upscaling low quality video sources.

If you want quick access to the web, lgs web browser is still one of the best, with quick in responsive menus. It supports the latest web formats and I had no problem playing videos. It has an advanced interface with a history and picture in picture for watching tv channels. In comparison with other tvs,  it is much easier to surf the web with a lg’s magic remote, because it has an integrated laser pointer and mouse wheel, so you can also easily click or type with it on a screen keyboard or if you just press on the mic button and use voice search.

The LGs web os app gallery has some simple games, but it’s not exactly an art piece the way Android games are, but they are okay for quick casual play. On the other side it has very good support for pc and playstation. When tv is  set in the Game picture mode – it has very impressive low input lag –  around 10 milliseconds. Which is much faster than average 30ms on many TVs and should please hard core gamers.

The sound on the lg 8-Series is pleasingly acceptable. 20-watt built-in speakers have a powerful midrange sound, But while the high and midrange sound was clear and focused, like on many others TVs in this class, I wasn’t able to achieve the sense of really deep bass. Otherwise the speakers are okay for news and sports, but for anything else it is still the best to connect the soundbar to it.

At around $500  LG’s 55un8000 is a great value. It uses the quick Web OS TV platform and it looks brighter than many tvs for its price. You can watch it from much of any angle without any color deteriorating. if You’re a serious gamer this tv has the best response time for games in terms of input lag.


Its motion handling, colors are all above average and it has excellent brightness levels. The only downside is limited contrast – black levels in the pitch black room. Yet despite all this, the un8000 is hands down one of fastest TVs on the market and it surely deserves my recommendation if you are a gamer or if you just want the best tv for watching sports with friends. Thanks for watching. in the next videos i will upload more comparison videos so make sure to subscribe.

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